The concluding function of the ‘Viraat Ramayan Mandir Samaroha’

The Speaker of Lok Sabha Mrs. Meira Kumar attended the concluding function of the Viraat Ramayan Mandir in Mahavir temple premises.

At first she garlanded the statute of Sant Ravidasji and thereafter she saw the model of Viraat Ramayan Mandir and discussed its various aspects at length. Then she had the ‘darshan’ of Hanumanji and saw the floating stone of Rameshwar.

At the dais V.S. Dube, former Chief Secretary welcomed her and Jiyalal Arya highlighted various philanthropic activities of the temple trust. Kishore Kunal, Secretary of the temple trust, threw light on various aspects of the construction of Viraat Ramayan Mandir, the largest temple in the world.

The Speaker Mrs. Mira Kumar released three books Buddacharitam (14 cantos of the Epic have been restored in Sanskrit verse by Pt. Bhavanath Jha), Bhruna-Panchashika, a small book on the cruel murder of the girl child in mother’s womb written by Pt. Bhavanath Jha and Ramavat Sangat, a book containing rules for the coming sub-sect. he released a coin of Viraat Ramayan Mandir and Hanumanji in Ashoka Vatika. She further released an important equipment for Mahavir Vaatsalya hospital.

In her highly impressive speech she called for the eradication of social evils in the society. She highlighted that even educated persons have not gone beyond the boundary of castes in marriages and thinking. But she told that she had  great hope from the ‘centres of belief (आश्था के केन्द्र). She appreciated the philanthropic activities of the trust and lauded its publication unit for publishing these socially relevant books. She gave her blessings for the successful completion of the coming Viraat Ramayan Mandir.

While releasing the Buddha-charitam she highly spoke of Lord Buddha who was a pioneer in social revolution and always preached to follow the middle-path.

She told the audience that Guru Ravidas was the first philosopher in the world who laid stress on human rights, liberty and social equality. She recited one poem of Sant Ravidas and explained in such a beautiful way that everyone thought that she excelled even professional teachers.

There was a huge crowd all around. Apart from those named above, Justice N. Pandey (Rtd.) Justice Rajendra Prasad (Rtd.), Sr. Advocate Siddhi Babu, Director of Mahavir Vaatsalya Aspatal, Dr. S.S. Jha, Director of Mahavir Arogya Sansthan, Dr. S.C. Mishra, Smt. Anasuya Jayaswal, Shri Raj Shekhar and Shashvat Shekhar, too, were present on the dais.

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