Site Plan

Virat Ramayan Mandir will be 2800 ft. in length,1400 ft. in width and its Sanctum Sanctoram shall be 405 ft. in height. It is spread over a sprawling area of 161 acres on the main Kesaria-Chakia road in the traditional villages Kathwalia & Bahuara

Some of the important details:

  • Total plot area:70,28,891.1619 sq. ft
  • Distance from entrance to the frontal spires: Btween 1033.6 sq. ft to 1203.4 Sq. ft.
  • Distance from entrance to Sanctum Sanctorum [Garbhagriha]: 2935.3 sq. ft [0.555 mile]
  • End to End length: 4,940 ft. [0.935 km – 5,280 ft comes to 1 Km length]
  • Length of Sanctum Sanctorum [Garbhagriha]: 1188 ft.
  • Width of Sanctum Sanctorum [Garbhagriha]: 1188 ft

Like South-East Asian temples it has layers instead of floors. In the last layer the main Rãma temple consisting of Rãma, Sitã, Lava, Kusha and Valmiki will adorn  at a height of 72 ft.  The hall will have a sitting capacity for 20 thousand devotees at one time. In all there will be 18 temples with high spires. The Shive temple will comprise the largest Saiva-Linga in the world and it will be installed in such a fashion that devotees will have no difficulty in offering water, milk, etc. to the great deity.

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