The project Viraat Ramayan Mandir is the dream and concept of Acharya Kishore Kunal and the spiritual will of several devotees. The dream is not just to construct one more temple. But to construct the largest Hindu temple for Lord Rama. Virat Ramayan Mandir will be 1080 ft. in length, 540 ft. in width and 270 ft. in height. Its location is at Janaki Nagar in Kaithwalia-Bahuara villages near Kesaria in North Bihar at a distance of 120 km. from Patna and 60 km. from the historic town of Vaishali. It is spread over a sprawling area of 161 acres on the main Kesaria-Chakia road near traditional Kathwalia-Bahuara village.

Like South-East Asian temples it has layers instead of floors and in the first layer one will have to walk around a km. to see four temples with shikhars (spires) in four corners and the marvels of the Ramayan through electronic gadgets. In the last layer the main Rãma temple consisting of Rãma, Sitã, Lava, Kusha and Valmiki will be at a height of 72 ft. which will have a seating capacity for 20 thousand devotees at one time. In all there will be 18 temples with high spires. The Shive temple will comprise the largest Saiva-Linga in the world and it will be installed in such a fashion that devotees will have no difficulty in offering water, milk, etc. to the great deity.

The renowned Hanuman (Mahavir) Mandir at Patna, after having established four famous, philanthropic hospitals in the Capital of Bihar, has undertaken the construction of Virat Ramayan Mandir which will be larger than even Angkor Wat Temple situated in Cambodia, considered the largest-Hindu temple for century. Assets of Mahavir Mandir and its institutions are estimated at Rs. 300 crore. The estimated cost of the new project Virat Ramayan Mandir and allied entities is around Rs. 500 crore. The temple trust provides Rs. 1 crore every year for the treatment of poor patients in Cancer and other hospitals run by the temple trust.

Viraat Ramayan Mandir Elevation